Muay Thai in Bangalore is a word ringing in every ear of fitness freaks. People throng to Kick Boxing Centers in Bangalore in search of the best Muay Thai trainer in the city.
More than a sport, Muay Thai, the ancient art of fighting, is fast becoming the favorite sport of Bangalore young men, women and even children.
In this blog we present some deep insights about this martial art.

The origins of Muay Thai

The birth of this martial art dates back between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, during the period of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya.

Muay Thai in Bangalore

To deal with the Burmese invasions, the people of Siam developed a martial art to fight an armed enemy with bare hands: the Muay Thai. During periods of peace that followed, the “Muay Thai” became a fancy to the people who came regularly to watch soldiers who practise it. From there born the tradition of Muay Thai learning and practising. Now it’s widely spread not only in Thailand but worldwide too. Many Kick Boxing Centers in Bangalore offer Muay Thai training.

Muay Thai in Bangalore

A practice rooted in the daily lives of Thais

Several Muay Thai training camps are now dotted around Thailand. The biggest fights are broadcast every weekend by Thai television. They are then broadcast on international channels.
Muay Thai fights in Thailand are exhilarating.
It is an experience: the atmosphere of the hall is overheated, the public’s shouts of encouragement, gestures to bet flying in the air, music rhythm for fighting … see it for yourself to understand the enthusiasm which represents the sport for Thais!

Muay Thai in Bangalore

Practising Muay Thai in Siam

In the Kingdom of Siam, everyone can practise from the age of 7 years. Its practitioners take Thai boxing as their profession. It generates aconsiderable economy too. This is a very lucrative market, as illegal betting can reach considerable sums.

Muay Thai in Bangalore

Located in Bangkok, Boxing Stadium of “Lumpinee” and that of “Rajadamnoen” are the two most famous Thai boxing stages in Thailand. They are managed by the Government and the Royal Army.

Muay Thai in Bangalore

A regulated and technical sport

Although many consider this technical sport as particularly violent, “Muay-thai” answer to strict rules that boxers must respect scrupulously.

A fight takes place 5 times (or rounds) of 3 minutes. The feet, fists, knees and elbows are permitted as long as they do not voluntarily touch the genitals of the opponent.

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A referee observes that no irregularity is committed and assigns points to merit, promoting aggressiveness. The winner is the one who managed to “knock” his opponent in the limit of 5 rounds, or who scored the most points.

The first round of a fight is never disputed; it is a “round” of observation between boxers.

The WaiKhru

The “WaiKhru” is the first part of the ritual being enforced by the boxer (or “NakMuay”) by mounting the ring. The “WaiKhru” comes from the word “Wai” which means tribute, greeting, and “Khru” which means master, teacher, mentor.

Muay Thai in Bangalore

Muay Thai trainer

There is great respect between coach and his pupil. Before each fight, it makes the pupil honor andexpress his gratitude to the teacher through a dance oft 5 minutes in the ring, accompanied by traditional music.

He also pays tribute to all those who hold the knowledge of the discipline and to his parents.

The boxer performs around the ring bowing respectfully and touching three times the four corners. There is no religious meaning to these gestures.

The Ram Muay and NakMuay

Next is the “Ram Muay” tribute to the public, which operates like a “dance” using one or more legendary figures and different components of the Earth.

This choreography also symbolizes the brotherhood that tied teammates.
The boxer perlforms this dance three times, which allows him to greet the part of the public situated on each side of the ring.

This dance is accompanied by fast music then the fighting.

Muay Thai in Bangalore

During the “WaiKhru” and “Ram Muay”, the “NakMuay” carries a “Mongkhon”. This “headband” cotton yarn represents knowledge, the expertise of Elders.

In the past, each club had its own “Mongkhon”. Normally, the boxer should not touch it, it is removed and put on him by his coach. This will remind the boxer that fights is for the club, and not for his personal glory.

After the fight, the boxer ends the ceremony with a greeting to his opponent, judges and referees to show them his respect and thank the public for attending his fight.

A representative sports of traditional values

Muay Thai in Bangalore
The usefulness of these rituals is to keep the historical traditions of Muay Thai. Nowadays, although the ceremonies have lost part of its symbolism, this discipline continues to lease and develop values such as courage, respect, concentration and other virtues.

Muay Thai is perceived not only as a sport but as a life lesson too, a lesson to follow daily. Many a Gym in Bangalore now offer Muay Thai in Bangalore.



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