It was early September last year, when I first came across Rocksolid, not knowing how it was going to be a life changer for me, over the next few months! They said stamina SelfDefense Focus Competition Fighting Fitness and I thought MoodChanger EarlyMorningWorkout EmotionChannelizer DefenseSystem fun, so let’s give it a shot. And I took the dive. And what I appreciate till date is the beauty of how what they said and what I thought smoothly coincided at every point. Rocksolid has made me a stronger person physically and mentally and has encouraged me to come out of my shell, confidently. What I love most here, is the punctuality, non-repetitiveness, respect and consistent 100% qualityin every session.
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Sweat Technique FreeFalls Motivation Workouts Results AmazingBatchMates – It’s a way of life. It’s kickboxing. It’s Rocksolid. Take the dive!



Well as I am a sports person I was into many activities, but I was Never fit, and then I came across ROCK SOLID which thought me techniques for self defense and exercises to stay fit, well here I am with a 4 pack in just 3 months its crazzyyyy. If I miss a single class I feel so unfit and if I go regularly I feel like I’m the fittest guy around anyone.


Vinay-edited before after

Before I Started Gaining weight I was an athlete. I was a sprinter, cricketer and table tennis player.  I stopped all my sporting activities when I came to pre-college; from then onwards I started gaining weight and later was diagnosed with Thyroid. Extreme weight gain, fatigue, depression, and heart palpitations were all side effects of my diagnosis. In just over 6 months, I gained over 15 kilos. To make matters worse, my blood pressure was sky-high and even though I was taking medication, it was still not under control. During one of my check-ups, my doctor informed me that there was no point in trying to lose weight as it is just too difficult for thyroid patients. I had tried my best on my own with little results. Giving up, I felt defeated and helpless as my weight reached an all-time high 76 kilos. But my sister didn’t lose hope, she suggested me to join Gym and control the weight. She didn’t want me to take medicine at very young age, as thyroid medication is for life. I agreed with her suggestion immediately as she too was a doctor.

Then the Game Changer
then I decided seriously that I need to learn martial art (Kickboxing) as it helps me in reducing my weight.This martial art not only guided me through weight loss but it thought me much more than that.High Concentration and discipline.In last eight months I have learnt Kick Boxing (Muay Thai), Self Defense, gymnastics (Basic).When I joined my weight was 75 Kg and now my weight is 59 KG.My family has been so amazing through this whole journey. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without their support. Soon after reducing my weight I went through a thyroid test and now it is in normal range. Feels Awesome!I had the most amazing experience being in the Rock Solid Studio. The entire facility, course, set up, hands-on experience were amazing. Need to remember Grand Master and Master Abdul.It was great learning under you! MASTER CHANDRU. I had a very good experience. I will always cherish and remember these moments. Thank you for your great help!