Srinivasan k also known as Master, is a renowned figure in south India’s martial art showground. Gaining accolades in several domestic and world class martial art contest he has made a solid foundation.


Srinivasan K

Master bagged his international bronze medal in Muay Thai in the year 1996. He is also a black belt 5th Dan in karate. Plus is regarded as founder and father of the tough reign ‘Shroin Ryu’ do style of karate, making him a true champion.


Srinivasan with International Muay-Thai Masters

With more than 25 years that he has given himself in the field of martial arts, speak the true dedication that this genius contain for this reputed self defence art.
That is not all, Srinivasan along with hand-to-hand combat also has excelled in the art of gymnastics and can use several weapons meant for martial arts.

Srinivasan with international coaches and delegates.

Srinivasan with international coaches and delegates.

It is a great honour for Rock Solid Studio to have this genius in its house and foster its students with best techniques and wisdom of combats under this Karate and Muay-Thai wizard. And under his guidance students of Rock Solid Studio has won many national and international competition.



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