Bangaloreans are clearly the most sophisticated city dwellers in India. As a prominent IT hub in the world, modern living is in vogue here. Bangalore people like good cuisine from different parts of the world. You can see scores of Italian, Thai, Chinese and other foreign-cuisine restaurants here.
In attaining physical fitness too, Bangalore has now connoisseurs for foreign sports like kickboxing. Many a body fitness center offer kick-boxing training in Bangalore. People of the city, young as well as middle-aged, visit at least once a month their favourite gym in Bangalore. Now they, especially the youngsters, have grown to prefer Kick Boxing Centers in Bangalore.

Kick boxing a unique form of martial art

Kickboxing is a contact sport of Japanese origin developed from the Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) in which boxing combat techniques are mixed with aspects from martial arts such as Karate and Thai boxing.
In kickboxing classes, an intense aerobic work is done along with exercises to develop muscle tone, agility, endurance and power. It also provides a decent and attractive posture the trainees.Basically it’s a method of self-defence that provides security, reduces stress and improves reflexes.

Kickboxing centres in Bangalore

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Kick boxing trainers in Bangalore combine boxing with martial arts. Bangaloreans, learning kick boxing, range from those who simply want to improve their fitness, endurance, and burn fat to those who want to participate in kick boxing competitions.

Kick boxing, the most popular sport in Bangalore

Mixed Martial Arts like kickboxing has become an increasingly popular sport in many areas of Bangalore like Jayanagar and Dollar’s colony. It is a sport that offers a number of benefits, particularly in health, fitness and self-confidence. For these reasons, it has become a favourite sport of Bangaloreans, young and old.

Kickboxing for children

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Gyms in Banglore which offer this fighting art also have specific Kick boxing classes for children in which children from age 6 learn teamwork, balance and endurance through games and are introduced to martial arts.
Kickboxing training centres in Bangaloreoffer programs to teach children the basics of combat and athletics. Apart from kickboxing, some schools offer other martial arts techniques too. These may include karate, taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, a popular fighting that originated in Thailand. By learning a variety of techniques, children have the opportunity to develop their own unique style.

Kickboxing for self-defence

Kickboxing schools aim to teach students how to defend themselves properly in a wide range of situations. Reputed kick boxing learning centres in Bangalore teach children to solve problems without using violence. Instead of being trained in how to attack with aggressive violence, students learn how to neutralize potential attackers using various concepts of leverage. These schools strive to arm children with the skills and confidence they need to handle almost any type of potentially problematic confrontation.

Other benefits of Kick boxing

Kick boxing schools in Bangalore offer programs that not only teach children the basics of kickboxing, but also help with discipline, motivation and self confidence. Many parents are finding that these programs can help their children excel in other areas outside the martial arts. For example, a child may do better in school because of discipline developed in the Kickboxing academy. Receiving physical exercise can also help them excel in other sports and develop confidence that can help them feel better about life in general.

Helps to improve physical and mental health of children

Kickboxing can be a fun activity that also helps to promote physical health and general well-being of children. The study of martial arts has also been shown to offer benefits for mental and emotional aspects. With the right training in the right environment, children have the opportunity to develop a strong respect for peers, adults, and – as importantly – themselves.
Many parents have found that kickboxing is a great way for children to improve their flexibility and enjoy cardio insurance. Due to the increasing popularity of this sport, more schools are springing up in Bangalore to provide programs for children who want to learn kick boxing in Bangalore.



Written by: rocksolidstudio