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Muay Thai for Kids: A safe, fun, energetic vacation program for your child. He’ll be more disciplined and will have increased power of concentration.

You may be searching for vacation classes for children in Bangalore. Why not send them to Muay Thai kid’s vacation program in Rock Solid Studio, Jayanagar.

Benefits that your kid will have after taking the Muay Thai Class

Muay Thai is an ancient technique which will impart your child the everyday values needed to excel in life. It will make him strong physically, mentally and socially.
Increase self-esteem, confidence in itself, and respect in your kid.
Muay Thai, originally practiced by princes and children of army chiefs, will instill leadership qualities in your son.
Simple and basic Muay Thai practice for children at Rock Solid Studio will improve their body posture and motor skills. This will lead to more coordination between the boy’s thinking and bodily actions.

In Rock Solid Studio, we’ll teach your child, in a playful way, child-friendly Muay Thai techniques. Focus will be on footwork. Practicing of using the eight Muay Thai weapons of hands, elbows, knees and kicks will have a great positive effect on your child’s character and behavior. With this practice, your child will be cleansed of disobedience, irrational fear, anger, aggressiveness, wandering nature, etc.

Our specially designed Muay Thai coaching for kids will instill a life-long confidence spirit in your child. His self-esteem will be boosted.

Please visit our studio to see for yourself the safe and positive environment we provide your child.
As we wind up all we would like to convey is that, our teaching methods are based on ethical and moral principles, aimed at promoting physical and intellectual development of students.



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