Muay Thai is a martial art that combines legs and arms. It is slowly becoming popular among girls in Bangalore too.
Literally, Muay Thai means “one who is aware of the struggle to live in the world.”
I like the concept and sports of Muay Thai, so I’ll tell you all the advantages of its practice and why is getting popular among women.

Muay thai for Girls-rock solid gym bangalore

Muay Thai Coaching For Girls at Rock Solid Studio


It helps develop a toned, strong and elastic body.
It is perfect for a flat stomach, because the abdominal work in Muay Thai practice is intense and continuous. In fact, the abdomen plays a key role in the practice.
Noticeable results in no time.
Improves coordination and concentration, because you have to move your body rapidly both in attack and defense.
Muay Thai is also an intense cardiovascular workout which reduces blood pressure and soothes our hearts. Professionals in this field boast of a strong heart (in the physical sense, of course!).
It instills in us bravery and courage, boosting our self-confidence and serenity.
Each stroke helps to eliminate tension, stress, negativity; at the same time, our mind becomes more relaxed and calming.
To practice Muay Thai, you’ve to set in motion your whole body, thus making it strong. This will keep it free of disease and help you to avoid alcohol, smoking, etc.
Muay Thai practice combines the physical and the spiritual, motivating us to be careful, not only to improve discipline, but to live better too.
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