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Muay Thai is combat sport is deeply rooted in Thai culture. It is currently present in more than 180 countries worldwide including India. There are many Muay Thai training centres in Indian cities like Bangalore.

Muay Thai in Bangalore complies with national and international standards of Muay Thai, the rules of discipline, adopt regulations and sets up or encourages actions which are considered appropriate and relevant.

History of Muay Thai

The Thai Boxing or Muay Thai, sometimes called Thai Boxing, is a combat sport created for the Thai military in the fifteenth century. Thai boxing has its origin in the ancestral martial practices, especially in what is called in the West,MuayBoran (traditional boxing) and Krabikrabong (practice with weapons). Among the other Southeast Asianboxings (Burmese boxing, boxing Khmer, Vietnamese boxing Bokator, etc …), it is the most popular. It owes its popularity to the fact that it is a national and professional sports in Thailand.

This sport allows many practitioners, athletes (even very young), trainers, managers and promoters, to make a living too. It is also a business generating significant savings.

Related disciplines

Kun Khmer

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Kun Khmer uses techniques using feet / fists / elbows / knees, Kun Khmer is close to Lethwei. It’s ‘Free fighting.’ This combat sport is of Cambodian origin. It’s lauded for its unique kicking technique, in which is power is created from hip rotation, not from snapping the leg.
Khmer warriors battled their enemies with bare hands as we see in the sculptures as well as the bas reliefs in the Temples of Angkor. In Kun Khmer, techniques are much richer than other martial arts.

Tomoi (Lethwei)

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Historical evidence of this discipline are on the stellars of Angkor Temples of the Khmer Empire of the twelfth century that covered the territories of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam.
Lethweishares the general techniques with Muay Thai, but Lethwei allows the use of headbutting, more throws and sweeps. Lethwei don’t use nor it has judges.
Many historians of martial arts are of the opinion that Kun Khmer and Lethwei originated from Muay Thai/MuayBoran.

“The Thai boxing (Muay Thai) … requires a lot of will and attention. But, as in any sport, the teacher has a fundamental role in the formation of the student. The mood of the teacher will have a considerable influence on the disciple. ”



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