Even before even hitting the gym, you get anxious of becoming fat and, losing shape once you stop gymming.

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Yes, of course, there are chances for a person to become add weight and lose shape if he stops gymming abruptly. But same is the case if he stops any other kind of physical activity which he has been doing over a long period of time.

The reason is very simple: food you consume will burn during your physical activity. Though the physical activity is stopped, the quantity of food consumed remains the same. Since you no longer engage in any strenuous physical activity, your intake will stack up and, over a period of time, this will result in gain of weight and increase in fat- level percentage.

If you think just gymming will make you look lean, muscular, fit, etc, then it’s about time to realize it’s a fantasy. To find the results you desire, you’ll have to strictly adhere to a program prescribed by a fitness expert.

There are various programs for different purposes such as muscle gain, fat loss and transformation. It is always better to follow certain particular programs based on your intention and work out. Then, nothing can stop you from getting the desired results.



Written by: rocksolidstudio