How to stay fit in festive days!

When you love festivals like Navratri, Garbha, Dusshara, Christmas and Ramzan in the wonderful city of Bangalore, the real trouble comes when those loved seasons are over: you find you’ve gone out of shape or even having some digestive and other health issues.

In this blog, the dietician at Rocksolid Studio, the best Muay Thai training center in Bangalore, gives you some tips to keep your fitness during and after the festivals.

You eat all the ChennaKheer, Stuffed potatoes, KajuMakhana, Paneer Pasanda, MotiaPulao, and a lot more, not only from your house, but from relatives’, neighbors and temples.

Fortunately, there are solutions to anticipate and fix the excesses of the evenings. ErwannMenthéour, here are some tricks and slimming tips. How to anticipate and repair?

How to manage festive meals?

How to stay fit in festive days!

Don’t be afraid of festive meals. These excesses are part of life and they will do you good. Remember well that prolonging life expectancy is to first be happy. However, you can take some measures to anticipate and compensate for the consequences of these excesses.

Fill vegetables before and during

How to stay fit in festive days!

Indian festival delicacies are often acidic foods. So the first tip is to eat lots of vegetables at lunch to alleviate the food bowl of the day and add the necessary fibers. If you can, add greens to treat acidity, so that you can limit the consequences of these excesses.

Going to the best gym in Bangalore before the feasts

How to stay fit in festive days!

To avoid being too loose after an excess, you can go to a physical fitness center in Bangalore in the late afternoon. An intense Kickboxing session will allow you to use everything eat to repair and recover rather than storing and getting fat.

At the end of the session at a best kickboxing training in Bangalore, you can grant you a small snack with one or two fruits, a handful of dried fruit that will bring you a number of minerals and micronutrients to treat the acidity of the excesses to come and not to allow hunger to reach your evening.

What to do on the next day of eating a lot

How to stay fit in festive days!

You ate a lot, really overindulged. Rest assured, there are still some steps to take the next day. The first is to take your courage in both hands. Jump from your bed and go to a good gymnasium in Bangalore.

A session of 45 minutes is sufficient. It will helpto relaunch your waste treatment plants (skin, liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, …). You will be able to get rid of accumulated toxins.

If you are in a logic of weight loss, you should try to give a break to your body by giving you a “fruit” day. If you do not feel able, try to limit the damage. If you make a big difference, give your body a break to recover.

General dietary tips


Keep a check on the number of sweets you gobble. Soft drinks contain extra sugar and trans fats. Avoid them and opt for natural drinks like Nariyalkapani or Nimbupani. Also it is seen that smoking and boozing are today’s generation delight. Trust us these bad habits will cost you dearly in future. So its a strong no no from us . Drink a good amount of water in the morning. In other words avoid and avoid junk food or alcohol! Take health food.

Keep perfect health during Ramadan

Not drinking during hot days may risk the health of some Muslims. Dietician at Rocksolid Studio advises eating salty food at the time of breaking the fast. This keeps water in the body and prevents dehydration. .

Don’t drink too much water at one time.You have to drink in a fragmented manner at the time of sunset and before getting up.

Make two meals

For Muslims, fasting starts in the early morning.. Although this leaves little room for breakfast, it is important not to ignore this meal. You can take a brunch with breakfast cereal, bread or rice cakes for starches. Dosa, idli, etc, are recommended.

For protein, dieticians recommend chicken breast or salmon. Seasonal Fruit should also be part of the menu. And finally, do not forget to hydrate.

How to stay fit in festive days!

Ramadan is a festive month in Bangalore in which the evening meals are like feasts. Many Bangaloreans visit the famous Mosque road and eat biryani, chicken kabab, mutton kabab, veal kabab, shaamis, botikabab, chicken stick, chicken shaslik, vegetable patty, etc.

They also eat pastries. Pay particular attention to the pastries because they’ve sugar in large quantities says larger fat which may lead to weight gain. Anyway, you have to avoid eating too much fat and too sweet.

The ideal meal during Ramadan is vegetables, proteins, starches, fruit and sparkling water. You must not break the fast brutally rushing on anything but eat quietly and do not forget to drink water.



Written by: rocksolidstudio