Six Pack : A goal For All

Six-pack abs is a dream of almost every young man all over the civilized world. Dream sellers are also there promising to make six-pack abs for people. But the dream is often not fulfilled. experienced trainers explain why efforts to achieve an attractive abs fail and how can you really get six pack.

The abdominal muscles are needed for almost all actions
To understand this, you need only common sense. You stand up, sit down, laugh, drive, walk .All these need your abdomen muscles. Have you noticed that when you work out at the gym, while training any muscle group, your abs gets contracted to keep your back straight and ensure your balance? This means your abdomen is working continuously. It’s constantly ‘exercised.’
Training your abs may not give you the much-coveted six pack
Let me tell you a little anatomy. Your abs are made of
• Lower abs
• Top abs that, along with the lower ones, forms the platform to build six pack
• Oblique abs, responsible for V at the hips
• The deep abs, whose cross-section is used, in particular, to maintain a straight back and a flat stomach.

So why don’t you see your six pack?
Even after too much training at the gym, you don’t see six pack realized, just because your rectus is covered with too much fat layer. So that’s it, the logic begins to emerge: to have beautiful abs, it is essential to lose the damn fat, but also not to neglect the other two portions (oblique and transverse).

How to train for abs ?


This is how we train at Rock Solid Studio to get six pack

First, it is essential to get rid of that fat you have and which prevents seeing your healthy abs. And the best thing is cardio workouts.
At Rock Solid, we do short sessions (30 minutes maximum) by targeting the point at which your body burns fat. Proper dieting must also accompany these efforts.
• Crunch
• Reverse crunch
• Oblique crunch
• Crossover crunch
• Knee raise
• Plank
• Side plank
• Bench leg raise
• Seated Russian twist
• Barbell rollout
And many more variations based on an individuals body type.



Written by: rocksolidstudio