Physical fitness and a Salman Khan-like appearance is a craze for many Bangalore young people now. They go to a best gym in Bangalore. But now it seems the youngsters are bored with the treadmills, shoulder press and fitness cycle. Traditional gyms in Bangalore are no longer a big attraction.
The Bangaloreans are now running to learn martial arts. In this blog, the martial arts expert at Rocksolid Studio, which is known as the best Kick Boxing Center in Bangalore, plus offers the best training for Muay Thai in Bangalore, gives guidelines to choose the right martial art.

Choosing a Martial Art

You have to do some serious research before deciding what type of martial art will suit you best. Here is the ultimate guide to help you to find the martial art for you.

Step 1. Initially set a budget.What Martial Art is best for you?

Some martial arts indeed require a significant investment. Karate requires only a white kimono but some require a big investment.


Step 2. Determine your ultimate goal.

What Martial Art is best for you?

The four categories are generally as follows:

• Health and sport along with the martial arts.
• The martial art first goal, also aims at discipline, shape and health.
• Being part of the cultural heritage of a centennial or millennial tradition (as the martial art you choose).
• Earn trophies in sports events.

Step 3. Decide on a martial art style.

What Martial Art is best for you?

You can choose a hard martial art like Muay Thai (Thailand) or English boxing , an intermediate sport like taekwondo or hapkido (Korea), a soft martial art like Aikido (Japan) or one of the different styles of Kung Fu (China).

Do you want to test yourself in single combat in the ring with an opponent who uses the same technique as you, or study the traditions of martial arts inparticular, learn to defend yourself against real attacks in the street? The training methods are widely different, and most martial arts schools focus on one of these aspects.

Step 4. Know your physical limits.

What Martial Art is best for you?

If you are older and not very flexible, you have to choose the adequate martial art for you. In addition, some combat martial arts like karate or taekwondo may not be very suitable for someone who is of rather low stature. Muay Thai in Bangalore is suitable for most of the physiques. It is less dependent on a particular stature to be effective.

Step 5. Consider your cultural interests.

What Martial Art is best for you?

If you respect or interest in a certain culture, learning it through a martial art can be a great experience. If this is one of your goals, choose a school in which teach a teacher from the country of this culture, or someone who trained directly with a master coming in that culture.

Step 6. Choose the teaching style that matches your personality.

What Martial Art is best for you?

If you intend to learn in practice a martial art, ask yourself if teaching encourages or allows beginners to be involved in a progressive manner fighting or if the course is already reserved for more advanced students who spend more time in the gym in Bangalore.

Tell yourself that the fight for beginners, even if this is to be encouraged, should be more restrictive than for other students because beginners usually do not have sufficient control over their shots to avoid the risk of injury.

Step 7. Check the qualifications of trainer.

What Martial Art is best for you?

Which teacher he has learned from?
How long he has studied with this person?
How long does he practice this art?
Does he have teaching experience, or is he simply an experienced practitioner? It’s like a great football player who can make a bad coach (and vice versa), excellent martial art fighters are not necessarily good teachers.

Expert Advice From Rock Solid

What Martial Art is best for you?

Be aware that when you search for your martial arts school, many teachers will tell you that their school / system is the best. Many martial artists are loyal to their art and become negative if you express interest in another martial art. Be careful if this happens; This kind of people are not good teachers if they do not show respect against other martial arts.

Rather than focusing on a particular martial art, it might be interesting to find the best teacher in your area, and learn what he or she teaches. Gradually, as time passes, the frustration of long journeys between home and your Body Fitness Center may discourage you.



Written by: rocksolidstudio