Our Team

Srinivasan K
Grand Master
Rock Solid Studio

If 30 years in Karate, 20 years in Kickboxing and Martial Art Weapons isn’t enough, the plethora of achievements in the Bangalore University level, State Level, National Level and international level Kickboxing Championship leaves one wide eyed at Srinivasan K resume.

Having been a Martial Arts grand master in Shorin Ryu Karate Do before pledging his alliance to Rock Solid Studios, his professional experience in the field leaves one with envy.

Some of his responsibilities include:
• Conduct individual and group training on the basics of Martial arts & Kickboxing
• Conduct specialized individual training for private students. Conduct individual and group training on the basics of Gymnastic & Weapons.
• Identify and coach promising students to compete in local and national karate championship tournaments.
• Design and develop course content and training methodology depending on age group and sex.
• Provide learning feedback to students for improvement or further training.