Abdul Khader – Founder, CEO
abdul_khader-rock solid studio bangalore
A fat kid during my school days, weighing 90kgs, I was the favorite target to be mocked by all the boys of my class. It became routine and a part of my complete school journey. Finally, I was out of school and all those people were left behind.

I was not spared even in my college life, and here too I was the soft target and a piece of entertainment. It made me a helpless being, which mostly cried in solitude, and seldom broke down in public. This followed me like a shadow.

I was filled with rage of revenge, to teach a lesson to all those who had enjoyed at my cost. This vengeance enrolled me into the art of kickboxing. I started working out daily and rigorously, putting my sweat and blood, with only one aim; give them back.

As days passed by, but even after giving my best, when I was not able to get the desired results, frustration started showing in my workouts. It was then my master approached me, what was my motive and why I looked failed? With rage in my eyes, I only replied him back; revenge with all those who have troubled me during my school and now college days.

My master took it light with a smile on his face and asked me to work out differently. The next six months were the most difficult phase of my life, but I was determined.

The best thing that could happen to me during that period was, that I started to loose weight and my fitness and endurance level had started to increase. It was a momentum realization that any form of Martial art is learnt to get discipline over one self and not as motive for revenge and fight.

It was a life changing realization, transforming me from revenge seeker to a disciplined student of my master. I then applied for National level Kickboxing Championship, and to all’s surprise stood second with the Silver Medal in my kitty.

It’s been then, that we decided to open an academy, helping people towards healthy lifestyle.

With a hope in my heart and confidence up my sleeves, we started, Rock Solid Studio where we are, “Transforming Lives.”